The Order of Australia is a society of honour that was established in 1975, with the first awards being presented in 1977.


To date the following Old Aquinians have been confirmed as recipients of the awards:

1977       Norman G Dallimore AM (’48) for community services

1979       Eric A Silbert AM (’38) for community services

1982       Tom J Perrot AM (’38) for community services

1982       Rod G Curtis AM (‘58) for services to the Special Air Services Regiment

1986       Ken J Kelsall AM (’38) for service to the engineering profession, particularly in the development of Western Australia’s water resources

1987       David Bell OAM (’72) for services to hockey

1987       Kenneth M McKenna AO (’41) for public service

1991       Allan R Edwards OAM (‘40) for services to cricket

1991       Timothy J McManus OAM (’33) for service to the community

1992       Lawrence M Sawle AM (’41) for service to cricket administration

1993       Dennis M Cullity AO (’45) for service to the forest industry and to the community

1993       John G Stokes OAM (’40) for service to people with visual impairments particularly through the Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of WA and Radio for the Print Handicapped

1994       Tom H Hoad AM (’57) for service to sport, particularly water polo

1997       Fred M Chaney AO (’57) in recognition of service to the Parliament of Australia and to the Aboriginal community through the establishment of the Aboriginal Legal Service and mediation with the National Native Title Tribunal

1998       Geoff E Summerhayes OAM (’45) for service to the arts through the Art Gallery of Western Australia

2000       James F McMahon DSM (’81) for distinguished leadership as an Officer Commanding during Operation WARDEN in East Timor

2000       Justin L Langer ASM (’87) talented and courageous left hand batsman/6000 Sheffield Shield runs for WA

2001       Justin L Langer CM (’87) for service to Australian society through the sport of cricket

2004       Michael A Chaney AO (’67) for service to the business sector through innovative leadership and management strategies, and to the community through involvement with and support for a broad range of artistic, cultural and scientific organisations.

2008       Justin L Langer OA (’87) for service to cricket as a player and mentor and to the community, particularly through fundraising and support for a wide range of charities, including children’s leukemia and cancer research organisations.

2009       Brad J Ness OAM (’91) for service to sport as a Gold Medallist at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

2013       Duncan Ord OAM (’70) for service to the performing arts as an administrator.

2016       Nicholas R Garratt AM (‘65) for significant service to rowing, particularly through coaching positions with Australian men’s and women’s Olympic teams.

2016       Hannes Gebauer OAM (’73) for service to medicine as a dermatologist, and to hockey.

2016       Craig H James OAM (’68) for service to rowing, and to sport in Western Australia.

2016       Laureat Professor Alan D Lopez AC (’68) for eminent service to science, both nationally and internationally, as an academic, researcher and author, and to the advancement of planning and policy development to improve public health in developing countries.

2016       Alex R McKenzie (’66) for service to lifesaving as an administrator

2016       Peter D Moore PSM (’66) for outstanding public service to the water industry in Western Australia.

2016       Peter Walton OAM (’66) for service to youth through Scouting, to student exchange programs, and to education.

2017       Peter Klinken AC (‘70 ) for eminent service to medical research and biochemistry through seminal contributions to understanding the genetics of major diseases, and to the people of Western Australia through promoting the importance of science and innovation.

2018       Geoffrey A Churack AM (’55) for significant service to the community through philanthropic support for medical research, education and sporting groups, and to the retail automotive sector.

2018       Victor J Paino AM (’55) for significant service to the seafood retailing industry, to ship supply services, and to the community through support for charitable groups.

2019       The late Peter J Smedley (’59) for significant service to the community.

2020       Robert M Torrance (’54) for significant service to the building and construction industry.